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"My girls and I loved the series, its going to be one of those you end up treasuring for years to come!"
Davina Gerst


Hi, I’m Sarah and I’d like to welcome you to the site of the Whimsy Wood children’s series.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to get in touch via Whimsy Wood’s social media sites, or by sending an email, via one of the relevant icons at the bottom of this home page. Thank you.

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Sarah Hill

"I really enjoyed going to bed! Cause it was time for Mum and me to read about Posie Pixie!"
Ellena R.B

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A Whimsical Deadline And A Preschool Visit!

20 June 2017

Hello there and apologies for my recent absence. I have been a little snowed under with Whimsy Wood Family work for a deadline, which I’m delighted to say that I met with time to spare! Woohoo! The work requested of me was to change all the titles of the 1st 10 Whimsy Wood children’s books… Read more »

"Enthralled my sons and captured my imagination. A wonderfully rich and inspiring series."
Matt Defoe

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"I love reading these books so much, that I've been making pixie costumes from leaves & putting them out for the pixies!"
Amelie Bonner