A Whimsical Deadline And A Preschool Visit!

Hello there and apologies for my recent absence. I have been a little snowed under with Whimsy Wood Family work for a deadline, which I’m delighted to say that I met with time to spare! Woohoo!

The work requested of me was to change all the titles of the 1st 10 Whimsy Wood children’s books that have been published to date. I also needed to add a new character to each of these 10 Whimsy Wood books and adjust their storylines slightly. I can let you know a few of the new Whimsy Wood Family characters; there’s ‘Lettie Ladybird’, ‘Soul Songthrush’ (singing teacher extraordinaire!) and ‘Mable Mole’ to name but a few!

Meet ‘Mable Mole’! 😃📚✨


The reason I needed to do this tweaking is because, very excitingly, we have a brand new publisher for the Whimsy Wood books! The books, brand new TV animation series and merchandise will now be under the Whimsy Wood Family brand! All super dooper amazing!

Now that my recent flurry of fervent activity is done, I am enioying a little respite and making the most of this glorious weather! While sitting in my sunny garden, listening to the Wiltshire birds twittering and bumblebees buzzing, I’ll be mulling over a wee preschool visit that I’ve been invited to do. This is next month and to Bishop Cannings Preschool in Wiltshire.

Well, I’d better get back to my mullings and sunny snoozings! Wishing you all a wonderfully whimsical week.

Sarah Hill

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