A Whimsy Wood Giveaway And A Writing Festival!

Well it’s been another wonderfully whimsical week for the ‘Whimsy Wood’ Series and I. Now that half-term has finally arrived (hooray!) we thought what better way to celebrate than by having a giveaway to win the latest ‘Whimsy Wood’ book?! So that’s exactly what’s we’re going to do! As from today, 5 signed copies of ‘Fearne Fairy And The Landing Lesson’ are up for grabs!

The fabulous front cover of ‘Fearne Fairy And The Landing Lesson’, the 10th ‘Whimsy Wood’ book!


See what these children think of ‘Fearne Fairy And The Landing Lesson’ by reading their comments on its back cover!

The back cover of ‘Fearne Fairy And The Landing Lesson’!

To enter, simply click on this link! Good luck! 😃📚✨ http://www.writersinspiringchange.com/book-giveaways.html

In other news, I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I’ve been invited to appear at the Abergavenny Writing Festival on Thursday April the 20th! There’ll be Whimsy Wood crafts and a reading of the latest Whimsy Wood story, as well as the chance to ask me as many questions as you like about the process of writing and what it’s like to be an author. For more information regarding the Abergavenny Writing Festival, please click on this link here:- http://abergavennywritingfestival.com

Finally I can tell you that book 15, ‘Fearne, Posie And The Giggling Ghost’ is nearly finished! This fifteenth whimsical story is written specifically for the month of October, so Halloween and trick-or-treating happen to feature in this particular tale! Now, at this rate, ‘Fearne Fairy And Giggling Ghost’ will remain half-finished, so I’d best crack on and carry on writing!

Wishing you a wonderfully whimsical weekend!

Sarah Hill, children’s author and creator of The Whimsy Wood Series.

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