A Wonderfully Whimsical World Book Week! 😃📚✨

Last week was World Book Week and with it came the 21st World Book Day on Thursday March the 1st 2018, along with freezing cold temperatures and heavy snow fall across the U.K.!

Hip hip hooray! It’s World Book Day! 😃📚✨


My adorable Whimsy Wood Family characters and I were fortunate to be invited to severally primary schools across England, to lead their assemblies, run woodland-related literacy activities for their KS1 children, give creative writing workshops to their KS2 children and read one of the Whimsy Wood stories to their pupils.

Sarah leading the assembly at Rowde Primary Academy


Children getting inspired by the Whimsy Wood creative writing workshops! 😃📚✨


Luckily, our author visits were completed by Thursday afternoon, before the snow drifts arrived in the south west of England where I live. The site of those beautiful snowflakes falling, creating a magical white wonderland was a joy to behold!

Sarah about to set off on another school visit during World Book Week 2018! 😃📚✨


Sarah reading ‘Posie Pixie And The Pancakes’ to the school children during
World Book Week 😃📚✨


The snow has now melted away, leaving behind delicate snowdrops and budding daffodils as a sure sign of spring. The post has even been able to arrive today and with it came a really lovely letter from a headmistress of one of the schools I visited last week.

Lovely letter of thanks from the headmistress at Rowde Primary School 😃📚✨

Here was their testimonial following my half day author visit to Rowde Primary School:-
“Sarah Hill, author of The Whimsy Wood Family series of books came to visit us today, as we started Book Week! We had a fantastic morning, Sarah led an inspirational assembly and then read to KS1. KS2 enjoyed a creative writing class with her, designing their own characters and woodland adventures. Thank you Sarah, we all had a amazing, creative morning.”

Goodness me, as you can imagine, I’m absolutely overjoyed to receive such a wonderful letter and glowing testimonial. It really has made a brilliant start to my week! Thank you. 😃📚✨

I really am very fortunate to be invited into primary schools throughout the year with my Whimsy Wood Family children’s books and if you would like to know more about the wonderfully whimsical creative writing workshops that I run or book me, then please feel free to contact me here and browse this website for further information. Thank you.

Wishing you all a wonderfully whimsical week!

Sarah Hill, children’s author and creator of the Whimsy Wood Family 😃📚✨

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