Have yourself a cracking Christmas!

3! YES, THERE’S ONLY 3 SLEEPS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! Needless to say, I am already beyond excited!! I love Christmas and so does ‘Posie Pixie’, the main character in my ‘Whimsy Wood’ children’s series. Her copper kettle house is festooned with sprigs of holly and mistletoe and Posie’s made her final visit to ‘The Woodland Store’ this morning, for some last minute flour. She’d run out of ‘Miller Mouse’s flour’ last night, after she’d made her third batch of snowberry pies for the festive season!! Posie is a little puzzled as to where these scrumptious snowberry pies keep going…..although if she inspected her best friend ‘Wibble Woodlouse’s’ growing waistline, she might fathom exactly where these perfect pies are hiding!!

“The Woodland Store’ itself was filled with Christmas merriment and cheer, when Posie popped in for her flour earlier today. Mr and Mrs Dusty the dormice and their 6 little ones, were singing Christmas carols outside the store and ‘Mrs Scarlet the squirrel’ (who runs the store) was sporting a brand new Christmas pudding-patterned pinny, that kind ‘Mrs Spottisdowne the sparrow’ (‘Whimsy Wood’s’ seamstress) had made. Acorn cups of hot holly juice were being given to the woodland folk as they entered the store and many a keen shopper was tempted with the mistletoe muffins, made by clever Mrs Scarlet herself!

When ‘Posie Pixie’ got back to her copper kettle house from her visit to ‘The Woodland Store’, she stopped and stared at her rather spectacular Christmas tree! ‘Florence Fox’ appeared, sniffing and snuffling along the frosty woodland floor and joined Posie in admiring this cracker of a Christmas tree, that they had decorated together only days before. I hope your Christmas tree is looking just as splendid as Posie’s ๐Ÿ˜‰

Posie Pixie and Florence Fox admiring Posie's spectacular Christmas tree!

Posie Pixie and Florence Fox admiring Posie’s spectacular Christmas tree!

Over the festive spell, if you’re settling down for a cosy hot chocolate on the sofa with your wee ones and want to escape from the Christmas mayhem for a few minutes, then have a listen to this enchanting extract from book 5, ‘Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree’! You’ll be transported into the wondrous world of ‘Whimsy Wood’ and I’m sure the woodland folk will be only too pleased to meet you ๐Ÿ™‚


Wishing you all a wonderfully whimsical Christmas and good health, peace and happiness for 2015,

Sarah Hill

Christmas Countdown!

“14 Sleeps to go! 14 sleeps ’til Santa…!” That’s right! Only 14 nights left, until the cheery fella in his red suit slides down your chimney and fills your stocking with presents! If you’ve been good of course!

In ‘Whimsy Wood’, ‘Posie Pixie’ has been trying very hard to be especially good as Christmas approaches. She’s been fetching the shopping for her ‘Granny Pip’ from ‘The Woodland Store’. She’s been helping ‘Mr. Bilberry the blackbird’ deliver the Christmas post to the woodland folk and she’s been secretly knitting ‘Wibble Woodlouse’ lots and lots of silken socks for her 6 tiny feet for Christmas! ‘Skittle Spider’ kindly gave her some of his home-spun silk, especially for these special socks and ‘Mrs Spottisdowne the sparrow’ showed ‘Posie Pixie’ how to knit them! I do hope Santa brings ‘Posie Pixie’ lots of lovely Christmas presents this year and that ‘Wibble Woodlouse’ loves her scrummy socks from her best friend!

If you’re running out of ingenious ideas for stocking-fillers this year, then ‘Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree’, book 5 in my ‘Whimsy Wood’ children’s series could be just what you’re looking for! This is what Santa’s elves think :-

Promo bk 5

So, go on! Click on the link below to find out more about ‘Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree’ ๐Ÿ˜‰


Whimsical wishes,

Sarah Hill

Winter-time In Whimsy Wood

Would you believe, it’s now only 3 weeks until Christmas Day?! That’s right! Your present shopping days are numbered!! Talking of festive shopping, my ‘Whimsy Wood’ series and I have a stall at Edington Farm Shop’s Christmas Fair in Edington, Wiltshire today from 4-10pm and at Seend Primary School’s Christmas Fair in Seend, Wiltshire tomorrow from 6-8pm. So if you’d like to meet ‘Posie Pixie’ and ‘Wibble Woodlouse’ and have a signed copy of 1 of my ‘Whimsy Wood’ books, then please come along for some festive fun and merriment!! ย 

In ‘Whimsy Wood’ itself, the leaves on the woodland floor are laced with frost and ‘Skittle Spider’s’ creative cobwebs, are given a touch of magic when ‘Jack Frost’ runs his fingers over them! ‘Humbug Hedgehog’ has found himself the perfect place to hibernate – he’s scrabbled under the large lime log where ‘Wibble Woodlouse’s’ family live! I’m sure he’ll have a cracking Christmas with those wonderful woodlice ๐Ÿ˜‰ ‘Bromley Badger’ has also got himself comfy and cosy in his set, to snooze through most of the winter! He’ll still find some time and energy between naps mind you, for a party or 3! Being ‘Whimsy Wood’s’ main party-animal of course!!

While these 2 woodland creatures doze away, spare a thought for poor ‘Bumble Barn Owl’. He has to hunt harder and longer for food to eat, with the winter being so cold and the days much shorter. You may even see him flying along the edges of ‘Whimsy Wood’ during the daytime, as he searches for a wee mouse or vole for his tea…..

'Bumble Barn Owl' on the look out for a tasty morsel!

‘Bumble Barn Owl’ on the look out for a tasty morsel!


Before I close the heavy oak doors on the wonderful world that is ‘Whimsy Wood’, I’d like to share with you this video clip of book 5, ‘Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree’, to get you in the festive spirit ๐Ÿ™‚ So cuddle up and enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰


Wishing you an early whimsical weekend and a late whimsical week!

Sarah Hill

Let Sleeping Ladybirds Lie!

“Where have they all gone?” my youngest daughter asked me recently . “Who do you mean sweetheart?” I replied, absent-mindly thinking that she would mean her little dolls-house dolls, or something similar. “The ladybirds mummy!” she replied, whilst pointing towards the garden. “I haven’t seen one in ages!” Well quite! How right she is! We are now of course in the midst of November and ladybirds, along with squirrels, hedgehogs and other such gorgeous creatures are huddled and snuggled down somewhere warm, hibernating for the winter (lucky them is all I can say! I’d quite like to join them!)

I had never come across a picture of ladybirds hibernating before until this week, when I discovered the image below that is on the UK Safari website. I dip in and out of this wonderful website, along with other woodland related blogs, to gain writing inspiration for my Whimsy Wood children’s series for 5-8 year olds. I really do need to sit down and make a proper start on book 15 in my 35-book series, but my inspiration and imagination had run dry this week….. Once I’d looked through this website site a few days ago and discovered this incredible image, a new character in the form of ‘Letty Ladybird’ sprung to mind, along with the need for a spider character! I believe he may be named ‘Sidney Eight-Boots’, but I’m not completely decided on this just yet.

Ladybirds huddled in seed pods

Ladybirds huddled in seed pods

Well, I’d better get on and actual write about ‘Letty Ladybird’ and ‘Sidney Eight-Boots’, or Whimsy Wood’s 15th book will never be created! If you’re stuck for something outdoorsy to do with the children over the next few days, then how about making a bug-hotel from piles of logs, twigs, stones and leaves. It costs nothing and is lots of fun! You even get to name your bug-hotel and the children can check on their ‘hotel guests’ regularly ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure insects looking for somewhere to hibernate, such as ‘Letty Ladybird’, would be delighted to come across a brand new bug-hotel to snooze the winter away in ๐Ÿ™‚

For regular updates on my Whimsy Wood children’s series please follow us on twitter ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ve got 3 Christmas fairs coming up in the next month, which will be lots of fun I’m sure ๐Ÿ™‚

ย https://twitter.com/WhimsyWood

Wishing you all a whimsical week, Sarah ๐Ÿ™‚


Hello there! I hope you’ve had lots of fun celebrating bonfire night this week and seen some fan-fizzle-tastic fireworks, as ‘Ping Pixie’ would describe them! Incase you don’t know, ‘Ping Pixie’ is the boy pixie in my ‘Whimsy Wood’ children’s series of 35 books. He appears in book 4, ‘Posie Pixie And The Fireworks Party’, which was published by Abela Publishing in May this year. ‘Ping’ loves making fireworks and in the words of his cousin ‘Posie’, “….sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t and sometimes they set his hair on fire!” Please see below the link to book 4, ‘Posie Pixie And The Fireworks Party’.


Front cover of 'Posie Pixie And The Fireworks Party', book 4 in my 'Whimsy Wood' series

Front cover of ‘Posie Pixie And The Fireworks Party’, book 4 in my ‘Whimsy Wood’ series

After the fireworks party that ‘Posie Pixie’ held for her cousin ‘Ping’ and his enormous new ‘Pixie Wheel’ firework that he’d created, the woodland folk spent the next few days tidying up outside ‘Posie Pixie’s’ copper kettle house where they’d held the party. The firefly party lights had blown off the trees and got taffled up around a clump of giant funnel mushrooms. It took poor old ‘Mrs Spottisdowne the sparrow’ most of the morning after the party to unravel those lights! ‘Bromley Badger’ had his usual sore head after a party and had to lie down in his dark, quiet set all day, so he was absolutely no help whatsoever! ‘Florence Fox’ and ‘Raspberry Rabbit’ had gathered up all the left over party treats, shared them out and delivered them to the woodland folk the following day, so nothing was wasted.

If you haven’t already, I hope you get to nibble on a few toffee apples, munch on some hot-dogs and toast some marshmallows this weekend! In the meantime I’d better carry on tweaking book 6, ‘Posie Pixie And The Snowstorm’, but I shall wish you all a wonderfully whimsical weekend and leave you with this fabulous firework poem that I stumbled across this week ๐Ÿ™‚

“Bang there goes another one,

Screaming as it goes.

It’s getting high, up in the sky,

And fizzle-there she blows!

WHOOSH! Up high above the house,

Behind a trail of sparks.

Yellow, orange, red and white,

Exploding in the dark!” ย  Anon

Mystical magic!

This afternoon we ventured to the mystical, magical place that is Avebury, to admire the splendid stones and for the children to enjoy a ‘creepy cat trail’ that was on ย as a half-term activity. Every time I’ve visited this amazing site, I’ve been transfixed by these silent stones and their almost magical presence. I couldn’t help but think about ‘Posie Pixie’, ‘Wibble Woodlouse’ and ‘Raspberry Rabbit’ from my ‘Whimsy Wood’ children’s series and how much they would love to explore the amazing Avebury stones and the undergrowth around them.

” Yes, yes, yes, that’s all very well,” I hear you say. “What has magic got to do with your ‘Whimsy Wood’ series? Aren’t all your characters woodland creatures?” Aaaah, well most of the ‘Whimsy Wood’ folk are indeed woodland creatures, as you rightly say. However, there is a rather special magical resident within ‘Whimsy Wood’. She is none other than ‘Fearne Fairy’ of course! Now Fearne makes her first appearance in book 8, ‘Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks’, where we also get to meet ‘Bertie and Beatrice Bramble’, the twin bunnies who live by the bluebell patch in ‘Whimsy Wood’. If you happen to be looking for a short story to read to your children over half-term, then please click on the link below and scroll to page 12. There you will find ‘Fearne Fairy And The Snarrot’, which was published in this month’s ‘Senior Siren’ magazine. Can you indeed deduce what a ‘Snarrot’ is before you get to page 12?! I hope you enjoy my fun and quirky short story ๐Ÿ™‚


It’s likely to be late summer 2015 before book 8, ‘Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks’ is published, as book 5, ‘Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree’, is due to be launched this coming Saturday at WHSmith, 43-44 Fore Street, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8EJ, from 2pm. Something rather magical and related to book 5 arrived in the post yesterday. It was this fabulously festive banner for ‘Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree’!


Banner for 'Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree', book 5 in my 'Whimsy Wood' series

Banner for ‘Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree’, book 5 in my ‘Whimsy Wood’ series

So, if you’re free on Saturday October the 25th and would like a signed copy of my ‘Whimsy Wood’ children’s books, then do come along. I’ll look forward to meeting you! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Half-term happiness!

Half-term is just around the corner and I for one can’t wait! There’ll be a lull from the constant breakneck school-run dash, the setting of alarm clocks, the cleaning of school shoes and the endless checking of book bags to ensure homework, or important notes from school haven’t been missed!! Phew!

Instead, the world of ‘Whimsy Wood’ and I will be getting ourselves ready for the launch of book 5, ‘Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree’, at the Trowbridge branch of WHSmith, on Saturday October the 25th, from 2pm onwards! If you’re away enjoying the half-term break, don’t worry, you can always pop over to the publisher’s website and order yourself a copy…..I do believe it’s the perfect size for a Christmas stocking!


Not only that, but my children and I will be getting out and about, taking woodland walks and seeing if we can spot some of the ‘Whimsy Wood’ folk. We’ll be peering under logs, in case any of ‘Wibble Woodlouse’s’ relatives are there and making rock piles in quiet spots, to provide shelter for ‘Humbug Hedgehog’ and his prickly friends. I’m sure we’ll also find time to hunt out somewhere comfy to read a few stories, or indeed make some up of our own, rather like in this image below……

Children reading in a tree

On that rather magical note, I’ll wish you a whimsical week and promise to pop back next Wednesday for another installment from the world of ‘Whimsy Wood’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Formatting Fun!!

My goodness me! How fiddly is it to format a children’s book with pictures in and everything?! I’ll tell you, since between myself and Abela Publishing, that’s what we’ve been doing for the past week! It’s very, very, very (with a heap more ‘verys’ thrown in for good measure!) fiddly! Having said that, it’s always worth it and hopefully by the end of this weekend, ‘Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree’, (book 5 in my ‘Whimsy Wood’ children’s series) will be winging its wonderful self off to the printers! Incase you’d like a sneaky beaky preview of the front cover and some of the incredible illustrations inside, done by the amazingly talented Sarah Mauchline, then please cast your wee eyes below and click on the link ๐Ÿ˜‰

The 1st 5 books in my 'Whimsy Wood' series!

The 1st 5 books in my ‘Whimsy Wood’ series!


You may be excited to learn, that this fabulously festive book will be available from October the 25th and can be pre-ordered now!! I will also be able to post the date, time and venue for the launch of ‘Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree’, very soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

Whilst I’ve been busy helping move text, illustrations and the new map at the back of book 5, up and down and side to side on the numerous pages, the ‘Whimsy Wood’ folk have also been incredibly busy! Autumn has well and truly arrived in ‘Whimsy Wood’, as the blackberries are in abundance on the hedgerows and the leaves are changing to golden yellows and burnt oranges. ‘Humbug Hedgehog’ has been rolling around the woodland floor, tidying up the fallen autumn leaves with his prickles, whilst ‘Mrs Spottisdowne the sparrow’ (‘Whimsy Wood’s’ Scottish seamstress), has been frantically sewing Halloween costumes for Mr and Mrs Dusty the dormice’s little ones.

In another part of ‘Whimsy Wood’, ‘Mrs Scarlet the squirrel’ has been scurrying about ‘The Woodland Store’, as she puts away boxes and boxes of cherry chews and hazelnut fudge. Looks like she’ll need to order in more pumpkins and apples this week, as the excitement of October with all its pumpkin-carving and apple-bobbing antics take hold of ‘Whimsy Wood’!

Well on that amazingly Autumnal note, I shall close the ivy-covered, heavy oak doors on the world of ‘Whimsy Wood’ for another week and wish you all a wonderfully ย whimsical Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚

Lovely Lincolnshire!

It’s that time of the week again, when I open the doors to the world of ‘Whimsy Wood’ and let you know what’s been going on! Well, as you may or may not know, I was up in the lovely county of Lincolnshire last Thursday, visiting 2 smashing primary schools! The first being Swineshead St. Mary’s and the second being Sutterton Fourfields. I think I can happily say that I had a fabulous time reading my 4th ‘Whimsy Wood’ book, ‘Posie Pixie And The Fireworks Party’, to the 90 key-stage 1 children! They asked me some great questions afterwards too. One of these questions was…. “What do you like best about being an author?” It really didn’t take me long to think about the answer to this, as I love being able to get lost in my imagination while I write. “I don’t know if my imagination is pink, or purple, or rainbow coloured,” I replied to the wee girl sat on the floor, looking curiously at me. “I don’t know if it’s fluffy, or sparkly, or smells of sweets, as it’s tucked away in my head! What I do know, is that I can use my imagination whenever and wherever I like. It can take me to amazing places, without me even leaving my chair and it doesn’t cost me a penny. That’s what I like most about being an author.” The wee girl thought about this and then said…. “Hmmm.” I hoped this meant that she was suitably satisfied with my answer!

Now, I shall be returning to the lovely land of Lincolnshire in a few weeks time, as I have been invited to be the guest speaker at the Boston High School annual dinner, on Saturday October the 18th! This dinner is for ex-pupils of the school and having attended there myself many moons ago, I shall really look forward to going back! Having said that, the thought of standing up in front of a room of grown-ups and talking for twenty minutes really terrifies me!! I love talking to children, taking assemblies and creative writing workshops in schools, but a whole bunch of adults….well…., that’s a different matter entirely!! If I was ‘Posie Pixie’ or ‘Fearne Fairy’, 2 of my ‘Whimsy Wood’ characters, then I would want to run away and hide from such a scary thing!

Fairy Toadstools (otherwise known as 'Fly Agaric') for 'Whimsy Wood' folk to hide under!

Fairy Toadstools (otherwise known as ‘Fly Agaric’) for ‘Whimsy Wood’ folk to hide under!


“What would you hide under?” I hear you cry. It would have to be the ‘Fly Agaric’ toadstool of course! This fabulous fungus is iconic where fairy tales are concerned and is currently growing happily in ‘Whimsy Wood’! No doubt it is popping up in woodlands everywhere as we speak, as it loves the warm, wet weather that we’ve been having! If you’re heading out for a woodland walk sometime this month, then keep your eyes peeled for these fairy toadstools, especially around birch trees, which they’re rather fond of! See if you can spot the odd pixie, or fairy that may be lurking underneath too while you’re at it!

I would love to carry on waffling, but I really must get on! I will leave you with a link to a great review for my 3rd ‘Whimsy Wood’ book, ‘Posie Pixie And The Torn Tunic’, below. This book is specifically for the month of October, so it’s bursting with blackberries and other such autumnal things!


Wishing you all a whimsical week! ๐Ÿ˜‰

School, school, school!

Ok, so guess what I’m doing a lot of this week?! The clue is in the title incase you’re wondering! Yes, you’ve got it! My ‘Whimsy Wood’ series and I are lucky enough to be visiting not just 1, but 2 primary schools tomorrow! Both of these schools are in the wonderfully agricultural county of Lincolnshire, where I grew up as a child – there are tulips, daffodils, sprouts and cabbages as far as the eye can see, I kid you not!!

The 1st school I’m visiting tomorrow is Swineshead St.Mary’s C of E primary school, whilst the 2nd is Sutterton Fourfields C of E primary school. During both these visits, I shall be doing book signings and reading book 4, ‘Posie Pixie And The Fireworks Party’ to their key-stage 1 children (please see the link to where it is on the Abela website to the right of this page). The children and teachers will no doubt have some pretty brilliant questions to ask me and they will also be meeting some of my ‘Whimsy Wood’ characters….

Here's 'Wibble Woodlouse' and 'Posie Pixie' off on their adventures in 'Whimsy Wood'

Here’s ‘Wibble Woodlouse’ and ‘Posie Pixie’ off on their adventures in ‘Whimsy Wood’

I really can’t wait to meet them all tomorrow and neither can ‘Posie’ and ‘Wibble’! There’s something truly magical about seeing a child’s face light up as you read them a story and their imagination carries them off to a world of wonder and make-believe, while the words you’re reading wash over them like a gentle waterfall. It really is a joy and quite a priviledge. Hopefully the children and teachers will enjoy my school visits as much as I will!

This week’s blog is rather short and sweet I’m afraid, as ‘Posie Pixie’ and ‘Wibble Woodlouse’ need some help with their packing for our school adventure you see! I shall leave you with the link to a toptastic review of my 4th ‘Whimsy Wood’ book, ‘Posie Pixie And The Fireworks Party’ http://nayusreadingcorner.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/posie-pixie-and-fireworks-party-by.html ย as well as a fabulous literary quote from none other than Albert Einstein ….

‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.’

Wishing you all a wonderfully whimsical week!

Sarah ๐Ÿ™‚

Ps; if you’d like to contact me regarding a school, library or similar visit, then please email me on whimsy.pixie76@gmail.com ย thank you.