Posie Pixie And The Copper Kettle

Book Cover: Posie Pixie And The Copper Kettle
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: £ 5.99 GBP
ISBN: 978-1-909302-20-4
Pages: 50
Hardcover - First Edition: £ 11.99 GBP
ISBN: 191-088-2526
Pages: 50
ePub - First Edition: £ 1.49 GBP
ISBN: 978-1-909302-20-4
Pages: 50

Posie Pixie And The Copper Kettle, sets the scene for the rest of the series and explains why Posie Pixie finds herself in Whimsy Wood. She'd been living in a poppy in a nearby meadow you see, but the petals had begun to fall from her poppy house, as summer started to fade. So, Posie set off on her first whimsical adventure to find herself a new home for the autumn.

But how does the copper kettle come into it? I hear you ask! Aaaah. Well, you'll just have to read Posie Pixie And The Copper Kettle to find out!


The Readers' Favourite 5-Star Seal for book 1, 'Posie Pixie And The Copper Kettle'!

The Readers' Favourite 5-Star Seal awarded, to 'Posie Pixie And The Copper Kettle' in 2015.

Publisher: Abela Publishing
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' "Oh pips and petals! Where am I going to live?" muttered Posie Pixie in a fluster, as she hurried through Whimsy Wood one warm August afternoon.

Her little bluebell hat jingled and tinkled as she bobbed up and down and scurried like a squirrel amongst the pink and purple foxgloves. "Summer's coming to an end and I must find a new home for the autumn!" she said, looking at the woodland flowers that had started to lose their petals.

Posie was feeling a little hot and bothered now with all her hurrying and scurrying, so she stopped and leant against a large tree stump to catch her breath and cool down a bit.


Reviews:Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite In America wrote:

Posie Pixie and the Copper Kettle (Whimsy Wood) by Sarah Hill is a delightful adventure story where young readers find themselves being taken on an adventure along with Posie Pixie in Whimsy Wood. Posie the Pixie is looking for a new house for autumn as summer was slowly ending. As she leans on a tree stump to rest, she reminisces about the summer days which she had spent with Bristle Bumblebee and Dewberry Dragonfly. A caravan passes by and suddenly the horse lifts one of his hooves and the pots and pans fall clanging from the caravan. Posie the Pixie helps the travelers and in return gets a quirky copper kettle. In this story filled with whimsy, magic and enchantment, readers see Posie the Pixie making a lot of new friends while trying to find a cozy autumn home for herself.

The story is beautifully expressed; the pictures are exquisite and capture the enchantment and magic of the tale. The story also teaches kids to interact and converse with others. It is a good book to use for read aloud sessions in classrooms and libraries. The author also conveys a good message of friendship and helping others. All the characters in the story are lovable and charming. They give excellent pace and movement to the events with their adorable behavior. The illustrations complement the whimsical feel of the story beautifully. The author does a great job of conveying a good message with her expert storytelling.

Helen Prince – English and Literacy Advisor wrote:

From the very beginning, Sarah Hill transports her young readers to an enchanting, whimsical world, where the adventure of finding a cosy home for autumn becomes a way of making new friends…

Matthew Barnes, author of ‘The Maelstrom’ wrote:

In Whimsy Wood, Sarah Hill has created a vibrant world full of wonder and imagination that you will want to revisit again and again.

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Posie Pixie And The Copper Kettle