Mystical magic!

This afternoon we ventured to the mystical, magical place that is Avebury, to admire the splendid stones and for the children to enjoy a ‘creepy cat trail’ that was on  as a half-term activity. Every time I’ve visited this amazing site, I’ve been transfixed by these silent stones and their almost magical presence. I couldn’t help but think about ‘Posie Pixie’, ‘Wibble Woodlouse’ and ‘Raspberry Rabbit’ from my ‘Whimsy Wood’ children’s series and how much they would love to explore the amazing Avebury stones and the undergrowth around them.

” Yes, yes, yes, that’s all very well,” I hear you say. “What has magic got to do with your ‘Whimsy Wood’ series? Aren’t all your characters woodland creatures?” Aaaah, well most of the ‘Whimsy Wood’ folk are indeed woodland creatures, as you rightly say. However, there is a rather special magical resident within ‘Whimsy Wood’. She is none other than ‘Fearne Fairy’ of course! Now Fearne makes her first appearance in book 8, ‘Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks’, where we also get to meet ‘Bertie and Beatrice Bramble’, the twin bunnies who live by the bluebell patch in ‘Whimsy Wood’. If you happen to be looking for a short story to read to your children over half-term, then please click on the link below and scroll to page 12. There you will find ‘Fearne Fairy And The Snarrot’, which was published in this month’s ‘Senior Siren’ magazine. Can you indeed deduce what a ‘Snarrot’ is before you get to page 12?! I hope you enjoy my fun and quirky short story 🙂

It’s likely to be late summer 2015 before book 8, ‘Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks’ is published, as book 5, ‘Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree’, is due to be launched this coming Saturday at WHSmith, 43-44 Fore Street, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8EJ, from 2pm. Something rather magical and related to book 5 arrived in the post yesterday. It was this fabulously festive banner for ‘Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree’!


Banner for 'Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree', book 5 in my 'Whimsy Wood' series

Banner for ‘Posie Pixie And The Christmas Tree’, book 5 in my ‘Whimsy Wood’ series

So, if you’re free on Saturday October the 25th and would like a signed copy of my ‘Whimsy Wood’ children’s books, then do come along. I’ll look forward to meeting you! 😉


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