Sarah Hill

Once upon a time, Sarah Hill was born in Edgware, Middlesex, to the tuneful pitter patter of raindrops, following the historic heatwave of 1976. A few years later, Sarah’s parents moved from London up to Lincolnshire (thankfully taking Sarah with them!) Here, in this fertile, farming county, was where she grew up; although Sarah will happily admit that she’s “….rubbish at being a grown-up….”!

Once she’d acquired a shining set of GCSEs and A-levels, Sarah headed happily off to the bold and beautiful city of Bristol, to study Veterinary Medicine where she successfully gained her veterinary degree. Sarah then worked in practice for 10 years and at that point, her second daughter was born.

“Impossibility is a state of mind, not a reality” – Sarah Hill, Award Winning Children’s Book Author with Literary Classics Book Awards

Soon after, she took a career break to stay at home and raise her 2 young daughters. Well, that has her plan. Posie Pixie, the main character for Sarah’s first 7 Whimsy Wood children’s books, had other ideas! While Sarah was minding her own business, knee-deep in her daughters’ nappies, small plastic toys, glitter, stickers and other such toddler paraphernalia, Posie and best friend Wibble Woodlouse decided to pay Sarah a visit…..

Posie Pixie and best friend Wibble Woodlouse in Whimsy Wood. 😊📚✨

Thankfully, it was a match made in heaven and Sarah enthusiastically started to write about Posie’s (and, for books 8-14, Fearne Fairy’s) exciting adventures in Whimsy Wood. Before long, Sarah realised just how much she absolutely loved writing and getting completely lost inside her own imagination. Much to Posie Pixie’s delight, the enchanting and adorable world of Whimsy Wood was magically coming to life!

The beautiful logo for my award-winning Whimsy Wood children’s books 😊📚✨

To date, 10 Whimsy Wood titles have been published by Abela Publishing and won various US literary awards such as the Royal Dragonfly Book Award, Mom’s Choice Award and the Literary Classics Chapter Book Award. Sarah, Posie and the rest of the scrumptious Whimsy Wood folk had to travel to Las Vegas no less to receive this last exciting award!
Sarah continues to write her Whimsy Wood children’s books at home in Wiltshire, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, a son, two guinea pigs, a cat and a dog. No ‘partridge in a tree’ as yet…!

Sarah, busily writing away! 😃📚✨