The Magic Of Creativity!

Did you know, that many of the most successful and powerful businesses in the world, now practise a 20% creativity rule? This means that 20% of work-time is allocated towards thinking creatively and exploring new ideas. In this ever-changing world, learning a specific skill set doesn’t have the same value as it once had. Nurturing a child’s (and indeed an adult’s) creativity is becoming more and more important, if we are to adapt, evolve and indeed thrive, in a future where over 90% of jobs don’t even exist yet! Certainly food for thought……. In the words of Albert Einstein,

Fabulous quote by Albert Einstein ?

Fabulous quote by Albert Einstein ?

Now you’re talking! ? If you feel your school or community could benefit from funding to support creativity, via author visits or other means and you live in the South West of England, then guess what? Literature Works have a Grassroots’ fund for exactly this and it’s open now! So what are you waiting for? Get your application in using the link below quick smart! ?

To be able to create something from nothing, as folks may see the work of authors, artists and actors for example, is indeed a joyous and marvellous thing. However, creativity isn’t just this. It is also the ability to ‘think outside the box’, see something from an entirely unique perspective, or make connections where it didn’t seem possible. Now that is the true magic of creativity ?

Talking of magic, you’re in with a treat! ? One of the main characters in the second set of books in my ‘Whimsy Wood’ children’s series, is indeed rather skilled in the ‘magic department’. Oh yes, for she is none other than ‘Fearne Fairy’! ? Now please don’t start yawning at this point. She is not, I repeat NOT like other fairies you may have met. She, like the rest of us, has flaws. Two rather tricky flaws in fact, that she has to contend with as you will discover in books 8-14.

Now, before I go (and get on with my own ‘Whimsy Wood’ creativity!) I’ll leave you with a rather fabulous recipe, or ‘spell’ for this marvellous, magical thing, to practise with!


If you would like to enquire about my school visits and make a booking, please visit :-

Wishing you all a wonderfully whimsical weekend ?

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